Saturday, 23 December 2017

Unleashing new Horizons in Pediatrics and Neonatology: Obesity 

Obesity is one of the most important concerns in today’s world. Child obesity leads to many unwanted prolonged diseases which sometimes never get cured. One-third of children in the United States are fat or overweight. More importantly, this ratio is continuing to rise. Adults have higher weight-related issues and medical difficulties than children. However, overweight kids are at great risk of becoming overweight youths and while they grow up, they have a higher risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes later in life. They are also more prone to develop low self-esteem, stress and sadness.
There are various general reasons for increased weight:
  •  Bone and joint problems
  • Shortness of breath that makes exercise, sports, or any physical activity more difficult and may make asthma symptoms worse or lead kids to develop the condition
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  •  Problem in Menstrual cycle of girls in their teenagers
  •  Obese kids also might have emotional issues

The upcoming “21st Global Summit on Pediatrics, Neonatology & Primary Care” which is being held on 16th and 17th July 2018 at Dubai, UAE. Pediatrics Meet 2018 is expected to give in-vogue pediatrics' phase to Clinical Pediatricians, enlisted and diverse pros and understudies working in the field to consider, exchange views and their experiences before an extensive worldwide social occasion of individuals. The social gathering welcomes Presidents, CEO's, Delegates and present-day authorities from the field of Pediatrics, Neonatology, Healthcare, Primary Care and other relevant administration positions to participate in these sessions, B2B get together and board talks.

Major tracks included are:
Child Developmental & Behavioral Disorders
Neonatal & Adolescent Medicine
Primary Care Ethics
Neonatal Nursing
Advancements in Pediatric Surgery
Pediatric Critical Care
Child & Adolescent Obesity
Pediatric Allergy & Infections
Pediatric & Neonatal Nutrition
Clinical Pediatrics and many more…

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